Burger (King) – Good Food at a Great Price!

East Street, Pune.
Burger King, East Street. 

A good place for food. I’ve tried some other things apart from the awesome Mini Chicken Burger (priced 35/- INR). The fact that I don’t even remember the names of those other dishes goes to tell how good the Mini Chicken Burger is.

Happened to visit the eatery again today, with friend Mayur (who will soon be joining me here, so be easy on him) and decided to do a video on his thoughts about the place.

Back to the Mini Chicken Burger, you get a delicious chicken patty sandwiched between buns, with a generous (too much sometimes, if you’re a shabby eater) amount of sauces and salad (consisting of cucumber and onion) around. A soft drink to wash the awesomeness down, and you’re in heaven, sitting right at one end of East Street.

As you will hear Mayur say, the franchise has another outlet in Koregaon Park. You get better food (surprisingly) at the East Street outlet though, and a much better and open ambiance at the KP outlet.

We usually choose to have our burger on the first floor, which provides ample view of the bustling streets and a cool breeze thanks to the many windows.


The windows I just talked about.

The walls of this one are adorned with mirrors and posters of cult music acts like The Beatles, John Lennon, etc. and a few newer ones like Linkin Park which blend in very well with the minimalistic design of the place.


The Beatles in all their glory.

Here’s what Mayur had to say about the place, the food and some other things


As is pretty evident, we’re still n00bs at this, however, this is just the start!