OPPO Find 5 Unboxing and Review [Developing Post]

Been a long time since I posted, and things have changed since. I got a part time job, so I could afford a better phone than the Jiayu G4 which I had earlier planned to get. Not only that, the Jiayu is still out of stock. So with the money I got off selling the UMI X1, I added my first salary and was still short of more than half the cost of a 32GB OPPO Find 5. Dad chipped in with a generous amount, and here it is. Full in-depth review will come soon, keep watching this space.

OPPO Find 5 full specs:

  • Screen size: 5 inches
  • Resolution: 1920x1080p Full HD
  • Display type: IPS LCD
  • Protection: Gorilla Glass 2
  • Cameras: 13MP rear (Sony Exmor RS sensor), 1.9MP front
  • ROM: 16GB (White), 32GB (White/Black)
  • Expandable memory: No
  • Processor: APQ8064 chipset, 1.5GHz quad core Krait CPU
  • OS: Android 4.1.1 customized by OPPO
  • Battery: 2500mAh
  • Removable? No
  • In the box: Phone, Users manual, SIM ejector pin, 2 NFC tags, Dirac HD earphones, USB Cable, USA Charger
  • SIM type: Micro SIM
  • OTG, MHL: None
  • Other: OPPO’s first international phone. Great community support at OPPOForums. Dirac HD sound, which is pretty amazing.
  • Price: 16GB 499USD, 32GB 569USD.
  • Here is the link to GSMArena’s specs page if you will.


China is giving me sweet surprises. First it was the UMI X1 with neat packaging, now the OPPO. This is by far the best phone packaging I have come across, the box is of good quality laced with a metal sheet on the corner of one flap. The front has ‘OPPO Find 5’ etched, with the numeral ‘5’ highly stylized. The two flaps open like doors and are held together by magnets when not open. The backside of the box has the key specs printed on it with a few important information such as the IMEI and barcode. When you open the flaps, you are greeted by the phone which sits on top of everything else, which looks great. In my opinion the black version looks even better than the white one. PIC 1. There is a matte-styled screen guard installed on the phone from the factory, which again has some information regarding the phone usage. The phone itself sits on a paper/cardboard sheet which has a little flap on the top which makes it possible to take the phone out without having to invert the box. The level of detail in the packaging shows you how much OPPO are trying to impress their customer. I’d say they’re highly successful with me at least.

Upon taking the phone out, you see a black envelope sitting in the box, with a white USB charger on the other side. The two-side open envelope carries the user’s manual and a credit card shaped card which houses the 2 NFC tags. Under the envelope, in one section there is the pair of Dirac HD earphones and the USB cable, and the charger (USA pin) in the other. That is pretty much it for the packaging. Impressions: Excellent.


As I said, the phone comes with one micro-USB to USB cable, a USA pin charger, and the Dirac HD earphones which are open type. That’s all from OPPO, my seller included a USA pin to EU pin adapter because that is what we use here. The adapter is ok OK quality, costs about 15 INR in my country.



The device feels insanely sturdy. I’ll be updating the review with comparisons with phones like the Lumia 920 and SGS3, etc. Almost the entire front is covered by glass, which is coated with Gorilla Glass protection. One thing I’d have liked would be curved glass, but then it might not have suited the sharp design of the phone. Below the glass, there’s the phone’s chin which continues from the sides and back. The front top houses the proximity, light, etc sensors, the 1.9MP camera on the left and the notification LED on the right with the speaker sitting in the center.


The Power/Lock button is on the left, while the vol+/vol- buttons sit on the right. It might take some getting used to for you to properly operate the phone since most major manufacturers have the power button on the right.


3.5mm audio output on the top.


Micro USB port on the bottom.


The phone’s back is curved, meatiest at the center. This makes you feel that the phone is thinner than it actually is, since you only get a measure of thickness on the sides, and this on is at the thinnest at those points. The phone feels extremely premium and well made, and the weight adds to the premium feel. The weight (162g) might actually not suit the fairer sex or in general people with small hands.

The design takes a minimalist approach, and there’s literally nothing printed on the front. Even on the back, there is OPPO printed in the center and other certifications and warning below the grilled holes for the speaker. It really makes you want to look and the device over and over.

Having played a bit with the SGS3, this phone beats the S3 hands down in terms of overall feel and the satisfaction of holding something premium in your hands. The metal frame around the phone again adds to it.


The screen is a full HD panel measuring 5 inches diagonally. It is extremely bright, and viewing angles are excellent. Since I’ve been indoors during day-time ever since I got the phone, I haven’t been able to test it under sunlight but I would assume the screen would not let me down.


Post in development, will be updated as and when I can. You can comment and discuss in the meantime.


6 thoughts on “OPPO Find 5 Unboxing and Review [Developing Post]

  1. Hey Yash,
    Been following your blog since the UMI X1 review..
    Where did you get this phone from and for how much??

    Looking to order Star S5..But all reviews that are posted are by Chinese re-sellers and Gizchina review only some.. Do you know any website that gives genuine reviews for all the chinese phones out there?


    • Hi

      Bought the phone via a seller on AliExpress, paid 32,689 INR (585USD). Sorry, don’t know of any site where you can find a review of the Star S5, but did a quick search and found this on YouTube, seems like a genuine user review. You might find some good info on xda. PS: If you’re looking to buy a MediaTek based phone, it might be a good idea to buy locally.

      • Got it.Thanks.
        Did you manage to get your hands on any of the mtk6589 phones? Gionee E3 or Zen ultrafone..So confused on what to buy..Jiayu is taking forever to be available through trusted channels..

        Anyways..now that you’ve made couple of purchases on ALiexpress..Can you list those seller names? Would be helpful.

        • Haven’t got a chance to play with those yet, but have heard a few good things about Gionee. Yes, agree with you about JiaYu.

          I’d gotten the UMI from a seller called ‘Shenzhen FunTek’, and the Find 5 from ‘Hawksoar Team’. Hawksoar also run Hotmid.com, where they accept payment via PayPal. Had also gotten a tablet (Aoson M11) from a seller called ‘Shenzhen SOC’ if I remember right.

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