JiaYu G4 Spec Review and comparison with similarly spec’d devices

After reading a lot about this phone, I decided to do a specs review of this phone. (I don’t have it yet)

Key specs:

SoC MT6589
Clock frequency 1.2 GHz
Processor architecture ARM Cortex A7
No. of cores 4
Memory (RAM) 1GB/2GB (Youth/Advanced)
Storage (ROM) 4GB/32GB (Youth/Advanced)
Screen 4.7″
Screen protection Gorilla Glass II
Resolution 1280×720 (720p)
Battery rating 1850mAh/3000mAh
Cameras 3MP/13MP (Front/Rear)

The phone will be unlocked for worldwide use, with dual SIM support and support for HSPA+ in either of the SIM. Expect the price to be in the $210-230 for the Youth and in the $240-300 range for the Advanced version. As I type  this Pandawill are pre-selling it for $218.99 and $248.99 which seem good prices at the moment. But if you like a little more security like me, you might want to wait till sellers start getting stock and then buy from AliExpress or eBay.

I will be upgrading from my UMI X1 to the G4 (hopefully the Advanced version) in the coming month (or whenever there is stock). Why I will go for the Jiayu G4 over any competitors despite Jiayu’s poor marketing skills (Read: innumerable delays):

  • Solid build – The basis is Jiayu G3 here. It was reportedly the best built in its generation of phones.
  • Gorilla Glass protection
  • Huge user base – This means there will be custom ROMs and fixes
  • 1280×720 as opposed to 1920×1080 – FHD is overkill for a sub 7″ device if I’m concerned. I honestly don’t think I have eyes powerful enough to differentiate between  720p and  1080p on a sub 5″ screen. A 1080p screen looks pretty on paper for sure, but in real life situations a 720p is more than enough and it also means better battery life.
  • Large capacity battery – The UMi with its 1750mAh battery has managed to impress me. A 3000mAh will come in really handy.
  • Design

Having said this, I would also like the readers to know that I plan to live with this phone for quite some time now. If you do not have similar plans, there are quite a few options. Here are a few competitors (all based on the same platform – MT6589):

  • UMi X2 – Just like what the UMi X1 did to the Jiayu G3, the X2 will hope to do to the G4 – launch before the G4 and take advantage of Jiayu’s poor marketing skills. The X2 comes with 2GB RAM and a 5″ 1080p screen. No word on the type of protection offered yet. Expect it to sell for around $250.
    USP – Price and 1080p screen for some.
  • iOcean X7 – This is a very pretty phone which borrows its styling from  Sony Xperia devices. Comes in Youth (1GB RAM) and Premium (2GB RAM) versions just like the Jiayu G4. iOcean is reportedly a big OEM manufacturer so quality shouldn’t be an issue. Expected price should be under the $250 mark.
    USP – Styling, price, screen.
  • Neo N003 – A decent looking phone for a decent price tag. Again, comes with an option of 1GB/2GB RAM (Youth/Advanced). I don’t expect the build to be better than Jiayu. Touted to be the world’s cheapest phone with a 1080p screen.
    USP – Pricing.
  • Various Zopo devices. This brand has never impressed me much so I haven’t dug up a lot.
    USP – English website and English speaking staff.

A video showing the gaming capabilities on the Jiayu G4

Testing the strength of Gorilla Glass

Also, a franchise is claiming to bring 42 Chinese brands to India. This means that Indians will be able to buy these phones for as much as it is sold in China. I personally hope this does come out good. More on this after I can confirm the news.

I hope this post helps many electronics enthusiasts like me make a decision as to what to buy. Any questions, feel free to comment.


4 thoughts on “JiaYu G4 Spec Review and comparison with similarly spec’d devices

  1. Hi dude even i am from india , and i am willing to buy this phone ..
    let me know hen it will be launched and in wat price point it will be launched ??

    Hope u reply to this post

    • Hi Swagat

      Expect the phone to be available in China by mid-May. I’ll be importing it from China, can’t say about the availability in India.

      • Any idea in which price range it will be offered , i would go for the youth version..

        and also how much will the shipping charges if u import it from China ..

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